【JR SHIKOKU Sightseeing Trains】
JR Ticket+ Onboard Meal Package Application
~Applications after March 16, 2024~

Requests for rides from October to December will be accepted from the beginning of August.

10 月至 12 月的乘車請求將從 8 月初開始接受。

When applying, please register new personal information, even if you have previously registered personal information.

This product includes below

■① JR Sightseeing Train (One-way/Reserved Seats) *Seats CANNOT be chosen
■② Special Onboard Meal *Vegetarian Meals NOT arrangeable
■③ Ticket Sending to your hotel in Japan *BnB NOT acceptable
*Caution* This is NOT real-time system but request-booking. NTA replies whether confirmed or not confirmed about 2 days after request or 28 days before riding.


■① 特快車票和特別車票(単程) *不能選擇座位
■② 列車內的特製午餐盒 *不提供素食菜單
■③ 寄送車票到您在日本的酒店的費用 *沒有可用的 BnB 和海外地址
*注意* 該系統上的庫存不是實時的。在您詢問後NTA 將安排車票,NTA將在乘車日期前28天回复 OK 或 NO 到您註冊的電子郵件。(如果預訂的車次是一個月以內,我們會在預訂後的兩天內回复)

JR四國3觀光列車 3 Sightseeing Trains of JR SHIKOKU

■伊予灘物語 Iyonada Monogatari■
■松山 Matsuyama ←→伊予大洲・八幡浜 Iyo Ozu & Yawatahama■
Click→→[Matsuyama 8:27 - Iyo Ozu 10:28:大洲編]
Click→→[Iyo Ozu 10:57 - Matsuyama 13:01:双海編]
Click→→[Matsuyama 13:31 - Yawatahama 15:50:八幡浜編]
Click→→[yawatahama 16:14 - Matsuyama 18:17:道後編]

■四國真中千年物語 Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari■
■多度津・琴平 Tadotsu & Kotohira ←→大歩危 Oboke■
Click→→[Tadotsu (多度津) 10:19 - Oboke (大歩危) 12:47]
Click→→[Oboke (大歩危) 14:21 - Tadotsu (多度津) 17:14]

■志国土佐 時代黎明物語 Shikoku Tosa Toki no Yoake no Monogatari■
■高知 Kochi ←→土佐久礼・窪川 Tosa Kure & Kubokawa■
Click→→[Kochi (高知) 10:02 - Kubokawa (窪川) 12:32]
Click→→[Kubokawa (窪川) 13:10 - Kochi (高知) 16:07]

■高知 Kochi ←→奈半利 Nahari■
Click→→[Kochi (高知) 12:00 - Nahari (奈半利) 14:35]
Click→→[Nahari (奈半利) 15:18 - Kochi (高知) 17:57]

■□■査詢方式 How to apply...■□■

【NOTE】 Applications cannot be made within 7 days of riding.
不能在上車前 7 天內提出申請。

【①-1 For NEW customers】
Register & Get ID >> HERE
*Please Note: After your registration is completed, an automatic e-mail will be sent. This does NOT mean that your application is confirmed.

【①-2 Login】
Please input your ID and password to login
請登錄並輸入您的ID和密碼 >> HERE

【② Apply for the trains】
Please select the train and the date of riding (Dates without operation will not be displayed). Also, please enter the name of the hotel where you will be staying in Japan, the booking name of the hotel reservation, and the date of check-in. NTA will arrange the ticket after your enquiry, then reply OK or NO to your registered email within 2 days. (If the train you applied for is more than one month ahead, we will reply 28 days before the boarding date.)

請選擇列車和乘車日期(無運行日期不顯示)。此外,請輸入您將在日本逗留的酒店名稱、預訂人的姓名和入住日期。在您詢問後NTA 將安排車票,然後在 2 天內回复 OK 或 NO 到您註冊的電子郵件。如果您申請的車次提前1個月以上,我們將在乘車日期前28天回复。

【③ Payment】
Please proceed to your payment by credit card after NTA replies OK and sends the confirmation to you.
請在 NTA 回复 OK 並將確認發送給您後,繼續使用信用卡付款。

【④ Pick Up Ticket】
After payment, NTA will mail the tickets to your hotel in Japan. Please pick them up when you check-in.
付款後,NTA會將観光列車票和餐票郵寄到您在日本的酒店。 請在入住時從前台領取。

■□■取消政策 Cancellation Policy■□■

①付款前取消 Cancellation before payment
*無需取消費用 No cancellation fee required

②乘車日期前 30 天至 8 天 / 30 days to 8 days prior to the date of the departure
*需要 10% 的取消費用(通過您的信用卡退款)/ 10% cancellation charge required (refund by your credit card)

③乘車日期前 7 天至 0 天 / 7 days to 0 days prior to the date of the departure
*需要 100% 的取消費用 (不能退款) / No refundable

■□■店鋪信息 Shop Information■□■

株式会社日本旅行 Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
** TiS Kyoto branch **
Business hour : Daily 10:00-17:00