This online registration and reservation system, "Apollon", is secured by VeriSign services.
Your private information will be encrypted using a VeriSign SSL Certificate to secure you against wiretapping, falsification, spoofing etc. by third parties.

  1. If you use this system for the first time, please click "Registration for New Users" on the left of the web page to create your personal profile.
    * Please note that a confirmation email which will be sent to you upon completion of the "New Record - Input Form" does not mean the completion of your registration.
  2. After login to this system, you will be able to operate "Participation",
    "Confirm/Change" and "Payment".
    (You can browse the above web pages except "Participation" and
    "Confirm/Change" without login.)
  3. You can complete your registration through this system.
    Please check the contents of the confirmation email which will be sent to your registered email address upon completion of your registration. Please make sure that your email address has been typed correctly.
  4. After registration or reservation, please make a payment for your registration fee. Only payment by credit card is available.
    Please input your credit card details through the "Payment" page.
  5. No confirmation slip, invoice or coupon will be issued for the registration.