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【New Information】

・Online hotel booking is also open now. (2021.06.20)

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Registration Procedure

  1. ■If you are a first-time user, please click "NEW USER" above the "LOGIN" button on the top page and enter necessary information on the form. If you receive a message that says "The Log-in ID you entered is not registered," your personal account has not been created yet, so please create your personal account first from "Registration for new user" .
    ※The ID and password for the hotel reservation are different from those for the registration of OLC 2021. Please create new ID and password on this site for the reservation.

  2. ■After creating the personal account, you can proceed to "Accommodation Reservation."

  3. ■This system enables you to complete the accommodation reservation with payment. After the reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation email, so please check and read the email. In case you don't receieve such email after 15 minutes from your reservation, please check spam email box or check your email address in your personal account. For editing the email address, please click "Edit Personal Account Information" above "LOGOUT" button. If you cannot login, please contact Travel Desk instead of creating another account.

  4. ■After reservation, please go to "Payment" page from the left menu and make the online credit card payment. Our system is secure and safe to use for making the online credit card payment.

  5. ■To print out the confirmation and the invoice, please go to "Confirm and Change" page from the left menu and click "View confirmation sheet (Payment information)."
  7. ■To edit or cancel the reservation, please click "Confirm and Change" page again. For instruction, please click here. If you wish to change the hotel or type of room, please cancel your reservation record first, and then make a new reservation.
    Please go to Conditions page of our website to check the details of reservation cancellation.

For Accommodation Inquiries

Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., LTD.
OLC2021 Travel Desk
Kokuba Bldg. 2F, 3-21-1 Kumoji, Naha Okinawa, Japan 900-0015
TEL: +81-98-860-9944
FAX: +81-98-869-4705
Business Hrs.:9:30~17:30 on weekdays
※Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese Holidays