JR SHIKOKU Pass 3days JR四国3日間パス
【For Non-Japanese passport holders 日本国籍以外の方向け】
Exchange Voucher Inquiry website

Unlimited rides on all JR lines in Shikoku Island for 3 days!
Of course Unlimited rides on Limited Express Trains
■Price:(Adult)11,000 JPY (Child: 5-11 age)5,500 JPY
■Type: Non-reserved seats only

Ticket Information (切符のご案内)

■Period of exchange■
From April 20, 2022(Wed) to Sep 28, 2022(Wed)
■Period of use■
3 consecutive days from May 1, 2022(Sun) to Sep 30, 2022(Fri)
(The period of the sale, exchange, and use are based on Japan time.)
Adults (12 years and over): 11,000 yen per person<
Children (ages 6 to 11): 5,500 yen per person

■Exchange Spots■
①JR Takamatsu Sta. (Warp Takamatsu) , ②JR Matsuyama Sta. (Warp Matsuyama),
③JR Tokushima Sta. (Warp Tokushima) , ④JR Kochi Sta. (Warp Kochi)
*Only the exchange of voucher (E-MCO) is carried out by the above four branches.
*Tickets cannot be purchased directly at JR Shikoku station ticket counters

■Eligibility to Purchase■ The tickets are sold to customers with non-Japanese passports or residence cards.
*MUST keep your non-Japanese passports or residence cards during your travel. If not, you cannot exchange the voucher into JR Shikoku pass at above exchange spots.

■Ticket details■
1.Tickets are valid for three days.
2.The ticket offers free rides on Limited Express and local trains with unreserved seats on the entire JR Shikoku line (including the section between Utazu and Kojima) and the entire Tosa Kuroshio Line. It can also be used on fixed-route busses (Otochi and Kumakogen routes) of JR Shikoku Bus. (It cannot be used on Expressway buses.)
3.Suppose the ticket expires after boarding a train; it can be used until you reach your final destination within the train’s free-ride zone, as long as you do not make a stopover.
4.E-MCOs must be exchanged for tickets at designated exchange points before traveling by train.
5.If the ticket is unused and up to the day before its validity period has begun, a refund minus handling fees(*) will be issued at the Warp branch where the E-MCO was exchanged for the ticket.
(*) The handling fee is 10% of the ticket’s value in Japanese yen.
6.Once used, tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, including train service failures and delays.

■For more details, please refer to the following website.【日本語】

■□■How to apply...■□■

【NOTE】 Please apply at least 3 days prior to the start date of the pass use.

【①-1 For New Customers】
Please get an ID >> HERE
*Please note that although a confirmation e-mail will be sent upon completion of the new user registration, it does not mean that the purchase application has been completed.

【①-2 For Customers who have an ID】
Please Login and input your ID and password >> HERE

【② Application for the voucher of JR SHIKOKU pass】
Please specify the date you would like to start using your pass. If you would like to use the pass for 2 to 4 persons, please register your companions before confirming your application.

【③ Payment】
Please pay by credit card.

【④ Get a voucher】
After payment is completed, the voucher will be sent to your registered e-mail address by 8:00 p.m. the following day.

■□■Cancellation Policy■□■

①Cancellation before payment
*No cancellation fee required

②Cancellation after payment (before exchanging in JR WARP branch)
*10% cancellation charge required (refund by your credit card)

③Cancellation after exchanging (before starting your trip)
*10% cancellation charge required (Return your active ticket and refund at JR WARP branch only)

④Cancellation after using the ticket
*No refundable

■□■Shop Information■□■

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
** Travel Information Center Shin-Osaka **
Business hour : Daily 8:00-20:00