How to book your room:

- Step 1 - Click here to create your personal account in the system.
       *Once you have an account - Login with your email address and password.
- Step 2 - Click Accommodations to book your room.
       *You will receive a confirmation email after each of these first two steps.
- Step 3 - Click Payment to pay the accommodation fee and complete
       your reservation.
       *You will receive another confirmation email upon completion of the payment.
- Step 4 - Click Confirm/Change to make sure or change your reservation.
Closing dates for the reservation
 Oct 23rd, 2019 (Japan time = UTC+09:00)
Due date for payment
 Oct 25th, 2019 (Japan time = UTC+09:00)

Confirmation email

When you have completed your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with your inquiry number within a few minutes.

If you do not receive an email, please contact us by email to:

The reasons for not receiving a confirmation email might be because;
- your mailbox is full
- your spam filter settings are too strict
- you did not spell your email address correctly.

Please note that all of our communications will be made by email. We hope you will
make sure that our email messages can arrive in your email box.

In case you change your email address, please click “Edit Personal Account Information to access to "Personal Information - Change of your record - Input Form" or contact us by email

We are not responsible for problems resulting from failure to receive emails.