Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until one week before each tour date.

The minimum number of participants for this tour is 12.

If we do not receive 12 applicants, the tour will be cancelled.

If the tour is cancelled, we will contact you by e-mail in due course.

Departure date, time and place

Meeting place : Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
Time of meeting : 7:00~ / 7:45~
        (You will change into kimono in turn.)
Tour Location  : JR west tourist train 「etSETOra」
Maximum number of participants  : 35persons
Mnimum number of participants: 12persons
Tour Price : 30,000yen

Tour Details

●Tour times 9:00~17:00
 「Hiroshima charm spread tour with “etSETOra”」

●Outline:Dressed in kimono and boarding the JR West sightseeing train "etSETOra," the tour will begin with an introduction of Hiroshima and the Setouchi area by a local interpreter-guide, Then, the tour will tell the story of Hiroshima's famous products, experience making, tasting, and sampling.Onboard experiences will include the traditional craft Kumano Brush, Saijo's Sake, one of Japan's top three sake brewing regions, and Kendama from Hatsukaichi, Kendama" from Hatsukaichi is also planned.After arriving at Takehara Station, get off the "etSETOra" and go to the Takehara Machinami Preservation District, After the meal and a stroll, we will board the Shinkansen to return to Hiroshima Station. After the meal and stroll, we will board the Shinkansen to return to Hiroshima Station.

7:30 Hotel Granvia Hiroshima(Kimono dressing and hair setting.※1)
9:00 Transfer to Hiroshima Station.(Start in order from the end of dressing.
9:32 The etSETOra train departs. Experience Kumano brush or Sake in the etSETOra. ※2
11:31 Arrive at Takehara Station and transfer by cab to NIPPONIA Hotel Takehara Seiencho
11:45 Lunch at the NIPPONIA Hotel Takehara Saltworks Town※3
13:00 Unguided walk around the Takehara Townscape Conservation Area
14:00 Transfer by cab to Takehara Station
14:30 The etSETOra train departs
15:30 Arrive at Mihara Station
15:41 Depart from Mihara Station
(transfer to the Shinkansen Kodama Bullet Train No. 853)
16:07 Arrive at Hiroshima Station
16:20 Change clothes at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima. End of tour.

※1 Yukata will be worn in September and kimono from October to December.
   A yukata is a casual cotton kimono.
※2 9/21、10/5、10/26、11/9、11/16、12/28:Kumano Brush Experience
   9/28、10/12、11/2、12/14、12/21:Sake Experience
※3 Beverage costs are not included in the cost.

■■ Application Process ■■

STEP 1  Sign up for the Apollon System

(1) Click on the button.
(2) 「Sign up for the Apollon System」On the screen、Click on the button.
(3) Please fill in the required information and register your participant information.
(4) After registering, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provide.

※ Registration in STEP 1 does not complete the application for participation.


STEP 2  Registration

(1)  On the leftClick on the button.
(2)  1)Please fill in the required information and send it toClick on    the button Click on the button.
   2)You will receive a confirmation email after registration.

※ The procedure up to STEP 2 completes the application for participation.

For inquiries, please contact

〈Travel planning and implementation〉No.2 by the Japan Tourism Agency.
Person in charge:Wataru Hanada(Reception date and time: Monday-Friday 9:30~17:30)
〒732-0056 JR west Hiroshima seibukoukashita 1F,16-1,Kamioosugacho,Higashi-Ku,Hiroshima-City,Hiroshima 732-0056
Tel:082-261-5243  Fax:082-264-3549
CertifiedGeneral Travel Services Manager:Wataru Hanada
※CertifiedGeneral Travel Services Manager is the person responsible for transactions at the branch that handles your travel.
If you have any questions regarding the explanation given by the person in charge when you make a contract for this trip, please do not hesitate to ask the above-mentioned General Travel Supervisor.