We, Nippon Travel Agency (NTA) West Japan MICE Sales Division, welcome all the participants to 22nd Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC 2018), which will be held at Suita Campus, Osaka University from 17-21 November, 2018.
We are the official travel agent, in charge of registration and accommodations for this conference.
We hope your travel to Japan will be meaningful and enjoyable.
Nippon Travel Agency Co, LTD. West Japan MICE Sales Division

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①Click [NEW USER] in the upper left corner of the screen and read the instructions.
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Please review our policy for protecting your personal information. You will have to agree to our policy before proceeding. After you select "Agree," you will see the next page [Personal Information] for registering your user ID (email address), password and other details.
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All the payment is required to be settled online by the due date.
 Please note that we cannot accept your payment after the deadline.

✽A confirmation slip, invoice or coupon will not be automatically sent.
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Application & Payment Due:
   [ Early ] Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (23:59 JST)
   [ Late ] Monday, November 5, 2018 (23:59 JST)

Registration Fees:
Category[ Early ]
By October 9, 2018
[ Late ]
By November 5, 2018
RegularAutumn School only
(November 17-18)
30,000 yen40,000 yen
Workshop only
(November 19-21)
50,000 yen65,000 yen
Both Autumn school & Workshop
(November 17-21)
75,000 yen95,000 yen
StudentAutumn School only
(November 17-18)
25,000 yen35,000 yen
Workshop only
(November 19-21)
35,000 yen50,000 yen
Both Autumn school & Workshop
(November 17-21)
55,000 yen75,000 yen

Registration fees include:
✽ [Autumn School] Full attendance of Autumn school, workshop handout, banquet, lunch and coffee break.
✽ [Workshop] Full attendance of Workshop, workshop handout, banquet, lunches and coffee break.
✽ [Both Autumn School & Workshop] Full attendance of Autumn school & Workshop, workshop handout, banquet, lunches and coffee break.

Registration Information:
✽ Registration payment is required by Monday, November 5.
✽ Early registration is valid only if the payment is done by the due date.

✽ Modification/cancellation can be made online until the due date.
✽ To be qualified for student registration, you must be currently enrolled as a full time student in a university or an institution.
✽ Student should be prepared to show a student identification card or other proof of your student status (such as a letter from his/her supervisor) at the registration desk.
✽ In case you make any changes after the due date, please send us your notice by E-mail ( ).

Cancellation Policy:
✽ [ Early ] Registration fees are refundable after deducting the necessary handling fee, but Non-Refundable after October 10, 2018.
✽ [ Late ] Registration fees are Non-Refundable.

Onsite Registration:
✽ Please kindly note that participation for banquet / workshop handout might be no more available if you registered onsite.
✽ Onsite registration fees are payable by cash or credit card.

Accompanying Persons:
✽ Registration for accompanying persons will be available on-site.


Application & Payment Due:
Monday, November 5, 2018 (23:59 JST)

✽ To make a reservation, please click [Accommodations] on the left of the screen.
✽ Your reservation can be changed/cancelled online prior to the due date.
(After the due date, please send us your notice by email or fax.)
✽ The rates are including breakfast, service charge and tax.
✽ Please give your name at the front desk when you check-in. (We will not send you a voucher.)
✽ If you have smoking preferences or special requests, please write them in the "Comments" box. (We cannot guarantee that all requests can be approved.).
✽ There is no wait-list.

[Cancellation/Refund Policy]
✽ You may be charged a fee depending on when you cancel your reservation. The following table lists the relevant fees and dates.
✽ “Cancellation date” is the date we, Nippon Travel Agency, receive your cancellation notice. If you send us your notice while our office is closed, it will be received on the next business day.

Cancellation DateCancellation Fee
8 days or more prior to the check-in dateNo charge
7 - 4 days prior to the check-in date10% of the first night's room charge
3 - 2 days prior to the check-in date20% of the first night's room charge
1 day prior to the check-in date30% of the first night's room charge
On the check-in date 50% of the first night's room charge
Cancellation without notice or No show 100% x night(s) of no show room charge


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