VISA Assistance

Non-Japanese participants wishing to enter Japan to attend The 8th Okinawa Traditional Karate Ceremony in Okinawa should possess valid passports and valid entry visas, if required. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that they obtain a visa if required, and the passports, travel documents, and visas must be valid for travel. For information on entry requirements, please consult your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate, or visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:
List of Visa Exempt Countries
Visa Application Procedure

Invitation Letter For Visa

【For Non-IOGKF members】
Please read how IOGKF non-members can participate first and obtain the Letter of Approval before the registration. For detailed information on the Letter of Approval, please click here

■Please make sure to register first because we receive inquiry phone calls from Japanese Embassy and Consulate overseas if the visa applicants are registered for the event or not. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT for you to follow our instructions.

■The Travel Desk will prepare ONLY A LETTER OF INVITATION. If the Japanese Embassy/Consulate requests other documents, please prepare them yourself.

■The letter is solely for the purpose of your stay in Okinawa to attend the 8th Okinawa Traditional Karate Ceremony. If you plan to stay longer for your personal reasons or business, please prepare additional requiread documents yourself.

【Instruction A】 For Individual Application
※If there are any other members from the same dojo who request the letter, we would like to mail all the letters together in ONE ENVELOPE to save the mailing cost for the IOGKF organizer.

A-1. Please register and complete your registration upon payment first before requesting us the invitation letter.

A-2. Please send us the following by email;
 a) The official name of Japanese Embassy/Consulate with jurisdiction over your residential area.
   (e.g. Embassy of Japan in Italy, Consulate-General of Japan in Milano)
 b) Mailing address ONLY IF IT IS DIFFERENT from the registered address in your personal account.
 c) A copy of passport’s photo page;
  ①Photocopy the page with your mobile, ②paste it on Word or Excel, ③save it with a
  password of iogkf, ④attach it to email, and ➄send it to
  It is recommended to follow above steps to protect your personal information.
  ※We do not accept the link of the passport copy.

A-3. Once we receive above information, we will prepare the invitation letter; Please note that the official format prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan is written in Japanese.

A-4. When the letter (draft) is ready, we will email it to you in PDF format to confirm the spelling of your name, birth date, and age. After your confirmation, we will have it stamped and send the original to your mailing address by EMS. NOTE: Mail delivery may take 7-14 days or even longer.

While waiting for the letter, we will send you the itinerary form with a sample. Please enter the form based on the sample; it is one of the required documents by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate.

A-5. Please ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you by checking their homepage or calling them before your visit to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate;

【Instruction B】 For Group Application: Two or more people
 (e.g. members from the same DOJO or if you have any accopanying persons such as family members or friends)

B-1. Please make sure that all the members, who wish to participate in Gishiki, have completed their registration with the payment.

B-2. Please break the group down into smaller sub-groups based on the Japanese Embassy / Consulate they will apply for visa.

B-3. Assign a group representative for each sub-groups from its own members. This person will be the point of contact and responsible for following the instructions from the Travel Desk. Or you can ask your secretary or assistant to be the point of contact.

B-4. We ask the point of contact person to provide us the following information.
 a) The passport copy of the representative of each sub-group
 b) Tthe passport copies of acoompanying persons WHO ARE NOT REGISTERED for
※To email us the passport copy, please follow the same instruction described in A-2 c)
of 【Instruction A】

 c) The number of sub-groups with each group's representative's name
 d) The official name of Japanese Embassy/Consulate
   (e.g. Embassy of Japan in Italy, Consulate-General of Japan in Milano)
 e) The mailing address and the phone number to receive the original invitation letter.

B-5. When we receive above information, we will send you 1) Spreadsheet to list the visa applicants and 2) Itinerary, which are required documents by the Embassy/Consulate. Please fill them out based on each sub-group and send back only the spreahsheet to us. We will modify the sheet and send it to you again with the original invitation letter in PDF.
※If any member(s) are planning to stay longer in Japan due to their personal reasons or business, they will have to prepare their itinerary separately and another invitation letter for the visa because our invitation letter is solely for the purpose of the 8th Traditional Okinawa Karate Ceremony only.

From here on, please follow and read the same steps, A-4 and A-5 of 【Instruction A 】.

Should you have any questions, please contact Travel Desk at