Important dates

Deadline for short abstract submission July 31 (FRI), 2020August 7 (FRI), 2020

Deadline for extended abstract submission September 18 (FRI), 2020

Deadline for uploading presentation video file 15:00 on October 23 (Fri), 2020

The deadline for Short Abstract Submission

The deadline for “Short Abstract Submission” is July 31 (FRI), 2020 August 7, 2020.
The submitted short abstract will be reviewed by symposia organizers, and the acceptance of each short abstract will be notified in the end of August, 2020.
The author is required to provide the following information for the short abstract in the "Short Abstract Submission" page:

○ Title of paper
○ Author Information (Presenting author data, Corresponding author data etc.)
○ Symposium name that you submit your paper to
○ Short abstract of the paper

Main subjects

1. Reactions and Materials of Batteries and Fuel Cells
2. Innovative Batteries
3. Rechargeable Batteries for Automotive Applications and Stationary Electrical Energy Storage
4. Durability Improvement and Cost Reduction of Fuel Cells International Session

Paper Presentation

○ Video presentation
○ 15-min talk
○ File format : MP4 or MOV (e.g. Microsoft Power Point (MPEG-4 video file))

Important Points

1. In principle, short abstracts are submitted via the “Short Abstract Submission” page on this web no later than July 31 (FRI), 2020August 7, 2020.
2. One presentation requires one short abstract.
3. Confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail once we receive your short abstract.
  If you don't receive it, forget your password or have any query about submission system, please contact us via e-mail at denchi61[at] (replace [a] with @).
  Queries about the content of submissions should be directed to the registration desk below.



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