About Payment

Pre-Registration & Payment Due Date: The end of pre registration is on 1st September, 23:59:59 JST (GMT+9).
The end of Late registration is on 22nd October, 23:59:59 JST (GMT+9).

Payment Method:
*On-line Payment (Payable by Diners, Nicos, MasterCard, Visa, or JCB)
Payment by credit card online is the only available option.
Please click the [Payment] icon on the left and follow the instructions to process your payment.

*If your online payment is not successful, please contact your credit card company.
(Sometimes restrictions are placed on credit cards especially for usage in a foreign country.)

*Please be sure to enter the SECURITY CODE of your credit card.
It is the 3 to 5 digit number printed on the back of your credit card.

*Registration fee  is non-refundable.